The Wellness Academy Hosted by: Dr. John Reed

Is the Wellness Academy Right for you?

Hello and thanks for having an interest in improving your health and your life. I am Dr. John Reed, and using the power of the digital age, I am here to help you make sense of the overwhelming amount of information available to each of us on health topics of concern.

I established The Wellness Academy as means to for everyone to see through a critical eye the claims of health improvement or disease prevention, or of health dangers so prevalent in the media. With the coming of the digital age, information, both good and bad, can reach millions within moments. The speed with which information can spread has developed much faster than our ability to verify or clarify that information. My hope is to create a portal where I will provide analysis of stories and reports I find or that Academy followers find and make both the original information and my analysis available, so that you as a reader can make an informed decision about how best to incorporate this information into your life.

If you are looking for a “health guru” to tell you the “best way to live”, this is not the site for you. Through this site I will do my best to provide timely and critical analysis of information related to health, nutrition, and wellness. I hope to make this a site for those with varied opinions to also be heard.

I can tell you this upfront: my opinions will always be tempered by my strong belief that humans as a species are highly variable, and therefore what may good (or bad) for one person, may not be good (or bad) for another. In other words, there are very few absolutes when it comes to ways to improve your health or prevent disease, but we can still learn from the experiences and work of others. So, if you are looking to have a source of reviewed health information, where opinions based in knowledge of repeatable, demonstrable results and experience in the natural progression of disease are expressed, then welcome to The Wellness Academy. Contact us today

CardioBar®  is not intended to treat or prevent illness, nor is it presented as a replacement for medications. The Portfolio Diet has been clinically reviewed and suggested as an alternative option for people that have borderline risk factor cholesterol levels.  Because of this clinical review, CardioBar®  has been designed, formulated and created to contain all the natural ingredients contained in The Portfolio Diet. CardioBar®  is a unique functional food. The Portfolio Diet contained in CardioBar®  has been recommended as a safe alternative for anyone desiring to lower their cholesterol. Persons engaging in a self-care program should always seek the guidance and monitoring by their primary health care provider.