Enjoy CardioBar® for the taste; Buy it for your HEART HEALTH
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CardioBar® is a Delicious, Satisfying, Heart Healthy Functional Food for Energy, Performance, and Overall Wellness

Functional FOOD


The bar category is a perfect vehicle for delivery of functional natural ingredients. CardioBar® delivers added value, by using only the finest ingredients. C❤️Bar is the perfect platform for delivering hi-tech, organic, plant based nutrition.



CardioBar® accomplishes its goals of being healthy and delicious, by using the very best ingredients in a formula designed to be a carrier of nutritionally active plant based medical food components.



CardioBar® is for ALL athletes engaged in any type of endurance activities. The EXTREME Athlete, Sports - Performance markets, are turning to CardioBar®, for the C❤️Bar delicious taste and cutting edge, food science nutritional benefits.

“CardioBar® - The Portfolio Diet Made Simply ... Delicious”


Perfect as a Performance Bar !

Eat before or after your game, tennis match, during your round of golf, while hiking, biking, on the go in your car, at work, put in your child's lunch box !! C❤️Bar is perfect for whenever "clean energy" is needed !!

Perfect for Heart Health !

A medical food research study conducted at The University of KY Medical School, showed to lower cholesterol as effectively as prescription drugs, in the majority of participants.


Enjoy A CardioBar® Today !

Enjoy out of the wrapper or bake at home. C❤️Bar is a self-care product with many added extra ingredients for your health benefits.

Benefits of CardioBar®

Key Issues


In today's competitive world we must be on time and in the best health possible. CardioBar® is a "fast healthy food", portable, balanced, and functional for daily endurance as well as specifically addressing heart health we all need in the often too rushed to eat as healthy as we prefer.


Options Available

CardioBar® is a specific solution for all persons wanting not only portable healthy food that supplements the meals we eat on the go, it also assures a normal balance of cholesterol based on the ingredients contained in these uniquely delicious bars, well researched with results published in medical journals. This is one way to prevent increased cholesterol we all can benefit from. It can be used as an adjunctive measure as well for persons intolerant to certain medications if their doctor suggests a dietary option rather than prescription medication.

Signs and Side Effects


A clear sign of improper nutrition is fatigue, indigestion, pain, and related poor performance. CardioBar® has been shown to be an ideal option for a meal supplement where the bar is delivering needed protein, healthy fiber, and whole food low glycemic and balanced energy containing carbs. The Portfolio Regimen ingredients in CardioBar® are an excellent way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in addition, an important bonus for all persons.

A Solution


Proven Alternative - The Portfolio Diet.

Common Issues


The Portfolio Diet is difficult to assemble, time consuming and costly.

C❤️Bar - A Healthy Solution


A CONVENIENT and DELICIOUS option, that contains the full Portfolio Diet is CardioBar® !