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CardioBar® FAQ’s

As a tasteful healthy snack that provides daily required nutrition and a sense of satisfaction from hunger are a few good reasons. Additionally CardioBar® was designed to keep tour cholesterol levels in the recommended range. The food value and functional value combines to make CardioBar® a delicious functional food.
CardioBar® uses whole food sourced carbs and places the carbs in the bar’s protein plus fiber matrix to assure a slow release of the natural energy source these carbs provide over an extended period, giving normal glycemic numbers required for an even and balanced blood sugar level.
By adding the four key specific ingredients of the Portfolio Diet, almonds, plant protein, plant sterols, and soluble fiber, CardioBars have the unique proven and approved blend of ingredients that, when taken together as in the bars, helps result in cholesterol lowering.
The actual digestible carbohydrates are the net carbs. These result in energy for the body. Total carbs applies to these digestible carbs plus the indigestible non energy carbs as they are longer chain fibers made up of similar linked carb molecules which are not broken down to energy carbs. Total carbs is a larger number and requires in the US to be shown on the label while in most other countries only net carbs are shown as carbs, and the fibers listed as fibers, not carbs.
A medium size apple is between 24-26 net carbs, a banana is 28-30 carbs. These are on par with the net carbs in CardioBars. The important point is the carbs in fruit are released into the bloodstream as soon as eating the fruit as there is minimal fiber and almost zero protein. CardioBar’s carbs are much slower released and as such will not have the quicker rise in blood sugar fruit has, with the result being CardioBar® provides longer term endurance with the same amount of net carbs.
CardioBars are designed to be most effective eaten after a meal if lowering Cholesterol is a goal. The way the bars work is to lower the absorption of dietary LDL cholesterol and allow healthy HDL to be absorbed, a double benefit as it happens. Plus the bars make a great dessert, especially when warmed or toaster oven baked.

CardioBar®  is not intended to treat or prevent illness, nor is it presented as a replacement for medications. The Portfolio Diet has been clinically reviewed and suggested as an alternative option for people that have borderline risk factor cholesterol levels.  Because of this clinical review, CardioBar®  has been designed, formulated and created to contain all the natural ingredients contained in The Portfolio Diet. CardioBar®  is a unique functional food. The Portfolio Diet contained in CardioBar®  has been recommended as a safe alternative for anyone desiring to lower their cholesterol. Persons engaging in a self-care program should always seek the guidance and monitoring by their primary health care provider.