BENEFIT3: cardiobar® the ideal healthy dessert

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In addition to helping lower LDL in the first section we reviewed, and providing sustained energy the second section addressed, there’s the grand finale; dessert! When baked in an oven, a small toaster, or any other options to warm the bars, we find a most delicious and healthy way to end a meal.

In many ways, this is the ideal time to enjoy these heart healthy bars as the LDL contained in one’s diet is actually blocked from being absorbed by the active functional ingredients we built in CardioBar®. 

In addition to stopping bad fat, we also have formulated a special plant extract containing carnosic acid from rosemary which keeps the bars fresh as an antioxidant, but also helps prevent the oxidation of the fats in one’s meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These peroxidized fats are some of the most reactive molecules in our blood stream. They have been attributed as being responsible for the creation of blood vessel injury, and plaque formation. The option now of eating CardioBar®s as a warm delicious dessert is even more appealing if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels after that nice yummy lobster, ribs, steak, or shrimp dinner.

Adding a few bites of CardioBar® will leave you relaxed knowing the functional proven Portfolio and other ingredients provided, will address the dietary intake to let you be guilt free as long as all good things are done in moderation, and with healthy added precautions we now have with CardioBar®!


CardioBar®  is not intended to treat or prevent illness, nor is it presented as a replacement for medications. The Portfolio Diet has been clinically reviewed and suggested as an alternative option for people that have borderline risk factor cholesterol levels.  Because of this clinical review, CardioBar®  has been designed, formulated and created to contain all the natural ingredients contained in The Portfolio Diet. CardioBar®  is a unique functional food. The Portfolio Diet contained in CardioBar®  has been recommended as a safe alternative for anyone desiring to lower their cholesterol. Persons engaging in a self-care program should always seek the guidance and monitoring by their primary health care provider.