About Stan Solomonson

Stan Solomonson

Currently employed as Founder of Future Foodsâ, Inc and COO of Core Technology Development Group, a company engaged in research, development, and commercialization of a mission critical environmental technology ThermGenâ, addressing remediation of land, air, and water resources.

Experience: Future Foods,  Inc.: 1984-Current                                                                                                                                                   

n  Established a leading position in the field of natural products research, discovery, and development. Focus was on milk derived biologics, extracts of plant based bio active compounds, including designing and branding a University studied medical food shown to lower cholesterol as good as stating drugs in over 55% of the participants, and successfully competed in a variety of categories in the natural product based marketplace with licensing one patented product realizing sales of over $1.2 Billion dollars over a 12 year period. 

Core Technology Development Group, LLC: 2012-Current                                                                                                                 

n  Established CoreTech to seed capital and foster incubation of a variety of technologies in the field of environmental remediation, cyber security, and life sciences. Projects include ThermGen® for land and air quality, AirWater™ for capturing dew point moisture efficiently and commercially, SafeSuite® and InBot™ for organizing and securing data with DRM controls.

Clinical Practice

     Built and operated 3 holistic health clinics; Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Palo Alto CA                1978-1989

n Practice of clinical nutrition as a Chiropractic physician specializing in metabolic disorders and musculoskeletal conditions in conjunction with a staff of MD’s, Nurse practitioners, and affiliated primary care professionals.

Balcony Gallery, Sausalito CA                                                                                                                                             1972-1975

n  Owned and operated an eclectic gallery of art, antiquities, books, and oriental carpets          


Travels and experiences; Commercial fishing and Longshoreman in Alaska, Organic Farming in Canada         1969-1972 Studies in Europe, Avocational performing jazz guitarist, US and EU.

Education: University of California,   1965-1969                                                                                                                                                      

BS in Social Science, Pre Med., University of Pasadena, 1975-1978   

Doctor of Chiropractic degree                                                                                                                                                 

Skills: As a team builder and manager, as well as actively engaged in the details of logistics, finance, development of projects up to and beyond market launch, my role is to assure all aspects of a successful project including results realized from the technology and economic goals achieved. Where appropriate a strategic affiliation, co-venture, and /or a sale as the preferred exit strategy is realized to the satisfaction of all parties.

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