About Dr. Daugherty, M.D., M.S.I.A.

Dr. Joseph Daugherty

Employment History

2002 – Present: Phenolics LLC. Managing Partner and founder, and, President TerraPharm Inc., Managing Partner PharmaPrint, LLC, wholly-owned subsidiaries

2005 – Present: CEO & CMO, Eleos Inc.  Oversees administrative, commercial and business development, manufacturing, finance, clinical monitoring and active in all aspects of clinical development of this hematology/oncology product development company. 

1990 – Present: Management Consultant, Biomedical Technology Consulting

Private practice specializing in strategic planning, organizational and business development, technology licensing, mergers and acquisitions.

UNeTech – Advisory Committee Member

Past Projects: Trimed Research (Chariman), ActivBiotics, Alpine Surgical, American Securities, Amerifit Nutrition, BioBalance, Cardiox (CEO), Transgenomic, Nobex Corporation, Nutrition 21, Ximerex, Hesed Biomed, University of Nebraska School of Medicine, ConLinco, Autogenics, GalaGen, Orphan Medical, Tacora Corporation (Chairman), Beacon Laboratories, Oakmont Pharmaceuticals, Larex, Healthcare Software Solutions, Oxis International, Spectra Biomedical, Phyton, Inc., MacroChem, DuPont / ConAgra Ventures (DCV), and Principal of Grayson & Associates, a business development and investment banking enterprise.

1988 – 1990: President, Biotechnology Division, Monfort, Inc. Division of ConAgra

Established a venture for processing of animal-based pharmaceutical by-products.

1987: Vice-President Planning and Development, Centennial Corporation

Initiated new business activities for processing of pharmaceutical by-products from food processing, and the start-up of sterile medical device production.

1986: President, Culture Technologies, Inc.

A start-up devoted to the production of sterile medical devices for tissue culture media and pharmaceutical industry manufacturing components.

1979 – 1984: Management Consultant in several biomedical technology start-ups

Clients included Bactex, Inc., Provac, Inc., Actronics, Inc., and Suprex, Inc.  A variety of functions were performed including board membership, market research, strategic planning, soliciting venture capital, etc.


1979                M.S.I.A., Carnegie-Mellon University, Graduate School of Industrial Administration

1975                M.D., University of Nebraska School of Medicine

1972                A.B., Washington University

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