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What Is The Portfolio Diet?

When the original JAMA article Diet First, Then Medication for Hypercholesterolemia appeared in July 2003, there were few alternatives to medications that were used for lowering cholesterol. Based on work Dr. Anderson had published in 1980, two decades earlier (Anderson JW, Chen WJ, Sieling B. Hypolipidemic effects of high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets. Metabolism. 1980;29:551-558.) the next area of focus taken by Dr. Anderson and others was to put the regime into an organized diet, which came to be termed the Portfolio Diet by Dr. Jenkins, an early researcher in the same area Dr. Anderson was (Jenkins DJ, Kendall CW, Marchie A, et al. Effects of a dietary portfolio on serum lipids and C-reactive protein. JAMA. 2003;290:502-510.)

Upon review of this published data proving a reduction of cholesterol an average of 30%, the careful consideration of formatting options for making the active components into an easy to deliver and consumer friendly format, CardioBar® was designed and created.  The Portfolio Diet has gained in popularity and medical community acceptance. As one example of the increased validation within formalized medical institutions suggesting the Portfolio Diet for people wanting to safely lower their cholesterol, here is one hospital’s recommendation on The Portofolio Diet.

The main reason the diet has not been nearly as widely used as it can and should be, is the time and effort required to assemble, prepare, and consume the required amounts of the regime’s active components. CardioBar® addresses and answers this need, and does so in an easy and delicious option with positive side effects. We discovered these positive effects from older and younger athletes that tried the healthy sports bar attested that it provided them with the energy they require to perform their endurance events, while at the same time allowing them to enjoy the healthy heart benefits.

For consumers wanting a natural alternative without negative side effects in one package, CardioBar® provides the active components needed to lower cholesterol with the purest ingredients. CardioBar® is organic, and freshly manufactured with a 12 month shelf life. Additionally, it is fresh, easy to unwrap, and even easier to eat.

What better way is there than to take one’s needed regime than as a wholesome healthy and delicious after meal treat. CardioBar®️ provides 12 grams of daily required protein nutrition, plus it provides an adequate low glycemic index, slow release energy, and a number of other components that when combined with the other components in the formula, provide a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

What was designed as a healthy heart Portfolio Diet is now shown to be perfect in this convenient form for performance athletes such as golfers, runners/ endurance sports, competitive sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and related endurance challenging exercises where sustained energy is needed for the duration of the round, quarter, half, or whole event, and applies to workers on the job faced with low energy due to lack of nourishment as well as elderly folks simply not getting enough balanced wholesome nutrition.