Enjoy CardioBar® for the taste; Buy it for your HEART HEALTH

Healthy Heart

CardioBar® address the issue of reactive fats in the bloodstream.  The reactive molecules result from peroxidation of lipids, mainly from dietary intake, and are a separate issue from cholesterol.

Additional Formula Benefits

Certain antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, the most commonly used lipid antioxidants are effective for multiple applications. It has been found that Rosemary extract is particularly useful in both food and the human body to maintain freshness and address peroxidation of fats.


Healthy Maintenance

This functionality added to CardioBar® assures healthy levels of cholesterol are maintained as well as effectively addressing the issues of reactive lipids shown to be a primary cause of circulatory concern to the tunica intima and endothelial components in the bloodstream.


The studies below contain current research in respected medical and food chemistry publications that present evidence of the value of Rosemary extract for addressing the blood chemistry related to oxidized lipids.