Enjoy CardioBar® for the taste; Buy it for your HEART HEALTH
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Since 1981, the team at CardioBar® by Future Foods® has been working closely together to create quality, nutritious snacks that could offer long-term relief from medical issues for our consumers. We work closely with medical professionals across the world to create solutions to the most prevalent concerns.


The answer doesn’t always lie within a medication — sometimes, the answer could be as simple as what we put in our bodies. With this in mind, our team developed the CardioBar®, a unique way to fuel our muscles and brains while helping consumers lower their cholesterol. There are ways to lower your cholesterol without beginning a medication, including the Portfolio Diet. These bars adhere to the Portfolio Diet, allowing users to cut the guesswork out of planning their snacks.


Future Foods® has helped pioneer science-based products that have been designed to work as an alternative to popular drugs, and we will continue to do so with your support. We would like to thank our clients, as well as our dedicated team members for our continued success.